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Mel Hammond

Mel does Box fitness with Sophie on Wednesday evenings and also personal Trains once a week with Sophie.

She entered our Vacay Shred challenge and here are her results.

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Instructor of the Month

Welcome Chantelle! 

Chantelle took over the Street Dance sessions on Tuesdays. 

Small Routines learnt each week, lots of team games to kept the kids active. 

Routines to the lastest music in the charts which the kids can sing along to.  

The children do a performance at the end of each term. 

We have had some great feedback from the kids.. 

Brooke ages 7 say "Chantelle is such a fun instructor I love the routines we learn and look forward to Tuesdays !! "


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Instructor of the Month

Well done James Temple ! 

Thank you you for your fantastic HIIT sessions on Monday evenings .. 

You have definatiatly step up the intensity.

We love your varied exercises and have all seen an improvement in our fitness levels plus you are always encouraging and motivating! 

 Fitjoy clients also appreciatw you great fun personal training sessions 


Thank you 

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Instructor of the month - Mel !

Mel does it again ! she is our star instructor of Febuary! 

We are grateful to mel for all her fabulous classes.. We can see how much effort she  puts in to making up her routines and keeping us fit! 

Mel had the most attendance in her Zumba and HIIT classes last month. 

we can see how passionate Mel is about her fitness classes as she always tags and posts about us on Facebook ...

Thank you Mel !!! Xx 

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Congratulations to Tania who been chosen to be our star client of the month. 

Tania has been to every morning class Fitjoy offers throughout January and shown a great effort in each session  after getting over an illness.

She is always determined to stay fit and healthy... Your looking great ! keep it going X 

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We’ve all experienced the effect that music has on us during a workout. Running without your playlist is completely different than going for a run with earbuds in, blasting Ariana Grande’s ‘Side To Side’. Recently, bigwig tech company LG studied the effects of music on a workout for further insight. The results prove what we already know.

91% of people surveyed said that music is vital to their workout, claiming that they need it more while exercising than while commuting or even showering. And 87% of respondents said listening to music during exercise helps them work out longer, have more energy, and have a more effective workout overall.

Knowing all this, it’s no wonder that so many people flock to Zumba® classes all week, where the workout literally relies on the playlist. Listening to music and dancing along makes you feel more like you’re at a party than at the gym, meaning you can go for longer without even realizing it.

Want to take it one step further? Try new program STRONG by Zumba®. Program creators and producers like Timbalandreverse-engineered their process with this one, meaning the routines were created first, and then music was produced to perfectly match the moves performed. So, your burpees, punches, and squats are synced to a corresponding beat. It’s called synced music motivation and it helps you learn to let the music be your guide instead of focusing on counting reps. Cool, right?

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Street Fitness at Fitjoy!!


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