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An interview with Personal Trainer - Sophie Watson Featured

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Sophie Watson is a Personal Trainer and an Instructor at Fitjoy


Living a fit and healthy life means the world to me. Of course, I like a glass of wine or two but I think if you work hard in keeping fit and healthy then you deserve to treat yourself now and again. I feel that exercise does not only make you feel great about yourself physically but mentally helps you with other challenges in life. This may sound a bit cheesy but If you push your body in exercise, I personally feel that you can achieve anything.   

what made you want to work in fitness?

I used to work in an office job and found myself wanting to be up and active. For those that know me, I cannot stay still for very long. I wanted a job where I could be creative with work but also something that was going to keep me up on my feet all day. Meeting new people and working in different locations, is something I love. 

tell us about the classes you teach and their benefits?

I moved to Chichester about 5 years ago. I found that teaching classes for FITJOY helped me to interact with the members where some have become very close friends. I cannot emphasize how much I enjoy teaching classes for Fitjoy.

I teach Boxfitness, Fitjoy Combat and Abs and arms. These are my favourite classes. Mostly whole body approach which is great as most participants want an overall body workout. I feel that the instructors and the members are very welcoming.

I love waking up in the morning where I know I have a full day of work ahead of me, classes and Personal Training sessions, which I truly look forward to. I'm lucky to have a job which excites me, where I can work with friends. 


I must admit, towards the end of a class, I may say “this exercise is the last one”. Do not believe me. I get a bit carried away about adding another exercise. 


My inspiration mostly comes from my Dad. I was a little bit of tomboy when I was younger, always playing cricket, football. My dad motivated me with all my sports.  

Also, I love to challenge myself against others. When growing up my main competitor, was my sister Emma. 

what does your TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE?

My typical day would include either 3-4 hours of either class or personal training sessions in the morning. Have a little break in between where I have lunch. Then take my gorgeous dog out for a walk. Midday classes or PT sessions followed by 2-3 classes in the evening.

what is your typical daily nutrition?

•       Morning: Natural yogurt with honey, nuts and fruit

•       Lunch: Poached eggs on a bagel with spinach. Or salad.

•       Dinner: Rice, quorn with a tomato sauce and salad

•       Snacks: Fruit and nuts. Boiled eggs.


My lovely boyfriend and spending time with my family and friends.



Keep active, eat healthily. Never take things too seriously.

Eat little and often of healthy foods and treat yourself on occasions.

Find a form of exercise that you enjoy, whether if it’s on your own or with a friend and keep pushing and make challenges for yourself.

and lastly…

Tea or coffee?

i personally do not drink a lot of tea or coffee but a coffee early morning is a good way to get your metabolism moving quicker.

what’s the last thing you watched on tv?

Grand Designs.

one thing you can’t live without? 

A gin and tonic last thing on a Friday which is well deserved after a busy week.

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