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Testimonial - Julia

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Testimonial Fitjoy, Ltd.  Chichester

Firstly, the friendliness of the classes is so refreshing!

Everyone is lovely and chatty from the moment you arrive, from whoever is taking people's names, to all the instructors and people taking part. It’s good to be around normal people after coming from other gyms where things are a bit stuffy!

The instructors have been amazing and in every class, they are always totally on it and so enthusiastic. Sophie and Mel are brilliant and Ive also found Lauren's classes and kate who takes the Wednesday morning class, great too. Really can't fault any of them!

Also, the website and Facebook are excellent - up to date, classes are changed from time to time and so classes never become dull.

My favourite classes are Sophie's Friday morning arms and abs, strong, hiit classes and I never thought possible, but I'm actually quite enjoying a bit of Zumba, despite being totally un-coordinated!

So, there you have it - you're a great credit to your team and clearly your enthusiasm and drive has rubbed off on everyone working for you!  Julia

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